Love and Mercy, The New Brian Wilson Biopic

Somehow the 2013 Panini Beach Boys set slipped my attention and so I've only recently discovered the glory of B.B.W. relics...of course I mean Bearded Brian Wilson relics. According to the back of the card this relic comes from a Beach Boys reunion concert from the 80's.

2013 Panini Beach Boys Concert Gear #11 Brian Wilson Relic
My favorite 60's group rotates around between The Kinks, The Zombies, and The Beach Boys. While each group has their share of hits, it is their non-single tracks and concept albums that make them my personal favorites. My love for the Beach Boys really begins when Brian Wilson ditched the do-wop surfer songs for weird orchestral work in the late 60's. His music production slowed as he battled depression for many years. Wilson was eventually diagnosed with having schizophrenia and was placed under nearly 24-hour care by Dr. Eugene Landy who would later be accused of fraud and had to give up his psychologist license in California. This later part of Wilson's career is the subject of a new movie called Love and Mercy with John Cusak playing a middle-aged Wilson and Paul Dano playing a younger Wilson.

Here's the trailer for the movie which is releasing June 5th.

The title "Love and Mercy" comes from the first single of Wilson's comeback solo album of the same name. You'll notice on the "Love and Mercy" single that Dr. Eugene Landy is credited as co-writing and producing the song. These disputed credits may be why the Love and Mercy album was out of print for many years and will be finally re-released for the movie's release.


Corky said…
Oh man, I sold a Brian Wilson and Al Jardine Concert Gear cards two weeks ago. I would have happily sent them your way had I known.
I am a hopeless Beach Boys fanboy, and I just bought my first box of 2013 Panini Beach Boys! I cannot wait for it to arrive. Hoping for a base set and an auto or guitar pick or something like that.

I met Brian once. He was nice, but he wouldn't sign an autograph because his hand was hurt. He seemed a little out of it. Luckily I was still able to get an auto on a gig poster a little while later.