Keith Olbermann On Steve Dalkowski

If you were paying attention on April 1st you probably saw that it was the 30th anniversary of the Sidd Finch story in Sports Illustrated. A real life version of that fictitious story is the story of the career of Baltimore Orioles prospect Steve Dalkowski. He was possibly the hardest throwing pitcher in baseball history and scouts put him well beyond Aroldis Chapman territory. Dalkowski's problem was accuracy and he was the inspiration for Tim Robbins' wild throwing character in Bull Durham.

1963 Topps #496 Rookie Stars
Dalkowski has one Topps card from 1963 which he shares with Fred Newman, Carl Bouddin, and Jack Smith. Recently Keith Olbermann talked about that famous card [which Olbermann looks to have had three out of the four pitchers sign] and Dalkowski in a segment from his show on ESPN2.


Anonymous said…
I listened to the podcast a few days ago. Really interesting. I'm excited to see the documentary Jonathan Hock made when it comes out.
Fuji said…
I had never heard of Dalkowski. Great story. Looks like that rookie card of his sells for decent money. Brien Taylor? Not so much.