Heartbreaking Damage: Two Tortured Tall Boys

 In this series we highlight the cards that have seen better days but the rough times have made them infinitely more interesting. You can find previous Heartbreaking Damage entries HERE.

 Today on the  Heartbreaking Damage front we have our first ever basketball cards to be featured. And oh what basketball cards they are! We have two tall boys from 1970-71 Topps, the first featuring Lakers legend Elgin Baylor. Baylor retired after the 1971 season and eventually became the long term General Manager of the Los Angeles Clippers. Someone took his retirement not too well as they took blue ball point pen to card to be reminded that Elgin "Don't play no more."
1970-71 Topps #65 Elgin Baylor

I like the orange backs of the this set and it's pretty unbelievable that Elgin averaged about 38 points per game during his 48 games in the 1961-62 season.

I always admire the collectors that felt the need to update their cards when players retired or were traded to another team. Here we have a collector updating his Jerry Lucas card with a black magic marker letting us know he was traded to the Knicks in 1971. He also changed his number from 16 to 32 with the Knicks which the fan updated as well!

1970-71 Topps #46 Jerry Lucas


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