Heartbreaking Covers: A Few Mighty Thor Annuals

I was recently in the market for a Mighty Thor Annual #11 from 1983 as it has the origin of Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. Luckily I found a nice auction that had a collection of five Thor annuals for a little more than the price I would probably pay for a single copy of #11. Annual #5 from 1976 has a great cover featuring Thor battling Hercules with Odin and Zeus watching on. 

Annual #9 has Thor battling a main foe of Dr. Strange, Dormammu. He is the ruler of the dark realm and, who knows, might end up being the antagonist of the upcoming Dr. Strange movie in 2016.


Fuji said…
The Thor Annual #5 cover is epic. It's like a slice of my childhood and should be framed & mounted in a museum somewhere.
Anonymous said…
I never could get into Thor, but those are undeniably some awesome covers!