Cards From Space

Along with my Exhibit movie star salutation cards I also found four cards also put out by Exhibit that honored astronauts and the spacecraft that were a part of the Mercury Seven program. My favorite
card features Alan Shepard preparing for one of his flights. Shepard became the second person in space and first American in 1961 and he also became the only Mercury Seven astronaut to also make it to the moon when he led the Apollo 14 mission.

The other three cards feature rockets and spacecrafts from the early days of  NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as it says on the bottom of the card. The first card features the Liberty Bell 7 which was used by Gus Grissom on the second manned mission. The second card is of Freedom 7 which Shepard used to return to Earth after his mission. The third card shows Aurora 7's liftoff which took M. Scott Carpenter around the Earth in an orbit making him the second American to do so after John Glenn.

It's these sort of finds that keep me excited about collecting cards. Finding cards that you never knew existed that fall right in your area of interest at a great price [I picked up these for $1.50 each] make it difficult for me to skip going to our local card shows around Atlanta. 


Fuji said…
I love cardboard featuring our space program... especially ones with astronauts. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.