Ripping A Pack Of 1988 Donruss Pop-Up

One pop-up card, three puzzle pieces, and five All-Star cards...that seems like a lot for 35 cents! At the time in 1988 I don't remember ever seeing these in stores and I've only opened backs of them more than 20 years later. Let's rip this!

Here's my pop-up, Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog. He's featured here as we managed the National League Champion Cardinals and this pop-up set focuses on All-Star players and managers.

Whitey Herzog Pop-Up

I always feel a little misled when Donruss packages proclaim "three puzzle" pieces but those three pieces come on the same card. In my mind I'm always expecting three of these cards. This year's puzzle was of Warren Spahn...

Puzzle Pieces #46, #47, #48
...and here's what the completed puzzle looks like. This card is from the regular Donruss set and I believe there is also a version of it made with little puzzle pieces as well.

1988 Donruss #588 Waren Spahn Diamond King Puzzle

And here are my All-Stars...Ripken, Greenwell, Canseco, Cone, and Strawberry. If I was to have guessed which player collection that I own would be damaged by new in 2015 I would have never guessed it would be Cal Ripken, JR. This Gregg Zaun hazing story makes me sad and I have no doubt it is true. It frankly just doesn't make me want to continue building a collection of his cards.

#5 Cal Ripken Jr.
#15 Mike Greenwell
#2 Jose Canseco
#44 David Cone
#34 Darryl Strawberry


The little puzzle piece version came in boxes of 1989 Donruss Rookies (the green ones).