Weird Cards From The Studio '91 Set

I broke apart the 1991 Studio set [ or "Studio '91" as it says on the card...and by the way, is that a take of on Studio 54?] I picked up for $1 at a card show and picked out some of the weird poses and even odder props used in this set. While some of these cards turned out nicely I can't imagine how it survived through 1998.

We'll start with good old Bip who's card isn't weird at all. It's just him and that smile that launched a million blog posts.

#248 Bip Roberts

Let's start with our first prop, towels. While Charlie Hough doesn't look particularly sweaty that he would require a towel, Viola looks like he is dripping with a creepy little smile too.

#35 Charlie Hough
#210 Frank Viola

Unquestionably the best Ivan Calderon card ever but is this the best earring card in history?

#194 Ivan Calderon
Now for some facial expressions. Kevin Belcher gives us The Thinker and Kent Hrbek gives us a Top 10 dumb looks on a baseball card

#87 Kent Hrbek
#121 Kevin Belcher

Talk about props! The bird is named "Ruffles" according to the back of the card and is Lake's personal friend.

#216 Steve Lake

The weird posed photos become a little more foolish when you start having legendary managers take part, like Sparky Anderson, Tommy Lasorda, and Tony LaRussa. For whatever reason Studio '91 decided to include mini photos of three managers just on the checklists. It is an interesting oddity that I don't know if I've ever seen before. 

#262 Tom Losorda/Checklist
#261 Sparky Anderson/Checklist

#263 Tony LaRussa/Checklist

Some more prop cards that have Julio Franco nearly getting romantic with a Louisville Slugger and Willie Randolph about to go all Juan Marichal on Johnny Roseboro.

#123 Julio Franco
#74 Willie Randolph

In a set that has some truly amazing cards looking back on it, this last one has to be the best overall for a few reasons:

1. A future superstar who would eventually become the only player with more than two 60 home run seasons but at the time was a ho-hum player for the White Sox.
2. The facial expression which make wonder what the photographer said to Sammie right before he took the photo. "If you're good we'll go get ice cream after the shoot!"
3. The hair that seems to have a life on his own and could make him on half of Kid 'n' Play.  

#38 Sammy Sosa


JediJeff said…
"....but at the time was a ho-hum player for the White Sox"

Well, when you are not doping, you play to your natural ability, which was average.
jacobmrley said…
Hough and Viola are just following the advice of the HHGTTG.
jacobmrley said…
Oh yeah, and while Franco seems to be apprehensively snuggling his bat, Oscar Azocar positively loved his.
One of the greatest sets ever. Not just of the 90's, not just from Donruss - EVER.

'92 is also pretty awesome.