It Took Nearly Six Years But My 2008 Topps President Obama Set Is Complete!

Back in 2009 Topps put out a small 90 card political set in honor of President Obama's first inauguration. I bought a couple of blasters of it at the time and ended up missing about 15 or so cards and so I slowly picked up a card a two a year when I found them listed on Recently a seller on COMC put up singles of just about every card in the set and so I did one final purchase and picked up the last base cards I needed.

This first one is my favorite card in the set which show people's thoughts and reactions to Obama's election.

#78 Yes They Did!
#54 Bill Lends A Hand
#57 Team Obama All-Stars
#72 I Like It Here!
#5 Dreams From My Father
Along with the 90 sticker base set there are 18 additional sticker cards that were found one-per-pack. There were two types of stickers, the basic sticker and a shiny foil version which was a little more rare. As I was building my set I didn't really care which version of the sticker I had so my set is a hodge podge of some basic and some foil stickers.

Sticker #15 Obama/Biden 2012
Sticker #10 America
Sticker #6 Progress
Sticker #13 Believe
It took me less time to complete this set than my 1971 Topps set but it still feels good nonetheless to be able to take this one off my "sets I'm working on" list.