Heartbreaking Damage: 1951 Topps #20 Dom DiMaggio

In this series we highlight the cards that have seen better days but the rough times have made them infinitely more interesting. You can find previous Heartbreaking Damage entries HERE

I pulled this severely damaged 1951 Topps Dom DiMaggio out of a 90% of book value box at a card show quite some time ago and sometimes [who knows why?] a card just goes into the scanned file and sits..and sits...and sits. But today's this card's day in the sun with all its damaged glory.

Doing a little research on DiMaggio's career I had no idea that Dom had a 34-game hitting streak during the 1949 season which ties him with Benito Santiago and George McQuinn for the 16th longest streak in baseball history.

1951 Topps #20 Dom DiMaggio

The reverse side escaped the tape damage but has a nice blue pen mark instead. 


Commishbob said…
This one has plenty of character. To me he looks nothing like his brother.
JediJeff said…
Played nothing like his brother, either.