Genius Covers: Secret Wars #10

A few months ago Marvel announced that this summer's big comic event would be a return to one of their legendary stories lines, The Secret Wars. Originally a limited series in 1984, it featured Marvel's greatest heroes forced to battle each other by The Beyonder. This summer's return to the Secret Wars sounds like it will be Marvel's heroes from different universes fighting it out and may actually completely reset the Marvel Universe...we shall see.

If anything, I hope the new Secret Wars give us some covers that are half as good as one of my all-time favorites, Dr. Doom battle worn on Issue #10.

There were some other iconic covers from the original Secret Wars series including the cover of Issue #1 with its superhero group shot and Issue #4 featuring the Hulk saving the lives of nearly everyone on the Issue #1 cover.


J. Meeks said…
That #10 is awesome. I was actually looking at it on eBay last night...I think I am going to have to pick it up soon. I'm pretty stoked for May to get here to see how the new version will play out.