Examining Marvel's Power Grid From 1993 Skybox Marvel Universe Packs

I think it is fair to say that at the point Skybox issued this Marvel Universe set in 1993 it was the most important card set of my young life. Way more important than any football or baseball set. It's probably the only set as a kid I was able to complete from buying wax packs and I was always on the hunt for the rarer insert cards. I recently found a whole bunch of random packs at a card show for 25¢ each. 

One thing I appreciated now is that on the inside of the wrappers Skybox and Marvel give us a handy guide to understanding the powers score that each hero or villain receives on the back of each card. You've got categories like agility, durability, energy projection, mental powers, and speed each broken down score by score in their 1-7 scoring system.

You don't get all the information on one pack and it's pretty hard to make out some of the scores so I've gone through all my wrappers and made a chart of each power and super hero or two that have the maximum level at that ability.

3-Athlete [above average]
4-Peak Human
5-Enhanced Human [beyond the natural limits of the human body]
6-Superhuman [significantly beyond the natural limits of the human body]
7-Metahuman [extraordinary beyond the natural limits of the human body]

Through all my packs I didn't pull a hero or villain with a 7 in agility but your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man scored a 6 which seems appropriate based on the scoring system.

#59 Spider-Man

1-Easily Injured
3-Above Average
4-Enhanced Human
5-Bulletproof [stronger, harder body than a human's]
6-Superhuman [can withstand most poisons, concussions, temperature extremes]
7-Indestructible [almost impossible to injure]

Klaw is one of my favorite Fantastic Four villains and has a body that is pure sound. He doesn't not eat or sleep and his body is impervious to pain or attack. I also enjoy the idea of using unbelievably loud sound as a weapon.

#81 Klaw
#94 Thunderstrike

Energy Projection
1-No energy projection abilities
2-Ability to give off energy upon contact with another surface, rangeless
3-Ability to give off low levels of energy for a short period of time
4-Ability to give off low levels of energy for a long period of time
5-Ability to give off high levels of energy for a short period of time
6-Ability to give off high levels of energy for a long period of time
7-Nearly infinite energy projection, immeasurable

For those keeping score at home Morg became Galactus' herald after Nova was dismissed.

#17 Morg

Fighting Ability
1-Little to no fighting ability, sick, weakly
2-Normal human with no combat training
3-Normal human with some combat training
4-Normal human with extensive combat training
5-Master of one form of combat, martial artist
6-Master of several forms of combat
7-Master of all forms of combat

Most of the fan favorite characters have 7 in fighting ability including Captain America, Sabretooth, and Cable.

#95 Captain America
#31 Sabretooth
#35 Cable

1-Below Normal
3-Above Average

The Goddess is the the good side of Adam Warlock's soul and it will be interesting to see how the upcoming Infinity War movies will address Adam Warlock/The Goddess/The Magus. I suspect it will just be a sort of Thanos vs. Adam Warlock storyline that will keep it sort of simple.

#15 Goddess
Mental Powers
1-No Mental Powers
2-Possessing a reactive or defensive mental ability; sixth sense
3-Possessing a single, weak mental ability
4-Possessing a single, strong mental ability
5-Possessing a single, high developed mental talent or several weak mental abilities
6-Possessing multiple developed mental powers, master psionic
7-Nearly infinite mental powers

I didn't end up pulling a Professor X but I'm assuming he receives a 6 score on the Mental Powers scale. Phoenix being one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel Universe has nearly all 7s and how needs strength skills when you can blow up someone's mind in a millisecond.

#41 Phoenix
1-Slow [cannot attain 15 miles per hour]
2-Normal [peak between 15-29 miles per hour]
3-Superhuman [peak range between 111-115 hour]
4-Subsonic [peak range between 250-500 miles per hour]
5-Speed of Sound [able to reach Mach 1 or 700 miles per hour]
6-Supersonic [Peak range: Mach 2 to Mach 4.6 or 0.22-1 miles per second
7-Light Speed [186,000+ miles per second]

It seems all the heralds of Galactus have the ability to reach light speed.

#11 Silver Surfer
1-Unable to sustain for 1 minute
2-Able to sustain for 1 minute
3-Able to sustain for up to an hour
4-Able to sustain for several hours
5-Able to sustain for a day
6-Able to sustain for many days
7-Never tires due to self-generating energy

Starhawk you may notice was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in 1993 but I can't imagine ever seeing her in Guardians Part 2 coming May 2017.

#13 Starhawk

Sersi, a part-time Avenger, is an Eternal which in Marvel-verse were some of the early inhabitants of Earth created by the Celestials

#93 Sersi

1-Below Normal
3-Lift Up To 2 Tons
4-Lift 2-10 Tons
5-Lift 10-50 Tons
6-Lift 50-100 Tons
7-Lift Over 100 Tons

Hulk of course gets a 7 in the strength category and his Avengers counterpart Iron Man gets a 6. That one point difference might not seem like a lot but it's a difference that requires Tony Stark to build a specific Iron Man suit to "bust Hulks." 

#1 Hulk
#67 Iron Man

And we have one last card that should have a category of its own titled "Ridiculous Costume" and Invisible Woman would certainly get a "7." She must be cold 24-7.

#74 Invisible Woman


Billy Kingsley said…
Thanks for posting this! I have a bunch of these- not as many as 1994's set, which I am six away from completing- but several packs worth. The info was lost to me, I probably still have the packs in deep storage but can't be sure. Great reference post!