The Way Baseball Card Boxes ShouldTo Be Designed

A seller at the card show today had a bunch of 800 count and 400 count boxes of cards for $1.00 each that looked that they had been sitting in a storage space or basement for quite some time. I ended up buy five boxes and this was one of the group:

How great is this box? And how helpful it would be to keep things organized. Plus, it's a reminder of the glorious wonder years when there were five separate card companies pumping out millions of card each.

These were made by BTS Sports Cards which still seems to be an active business but I can't find a store web page.

On the end of the boxes you  get a spot to add a description of the boxes contents...

Or use the other end and just store Rookies inside. 

Inside I'm expecting 1991 Studio cards as the outside description says but I wasn't expecting to receive a nice little note from BTS Sportscards as well.

It's a letter briefly explaining difference in card condition and be sure to take notice the shout out to Sports Collector's Digest too!

These sort of personalized card boxes would definitely be something I would do if I ever opened a card store.


Corky said…
That is a pretty cool system. It works as storage/sales material as well as advertisement for the card shop.
Brian said…
Very cool - I've seen some custom boxes before, but they were only "custom made" in the sense that the shop owner used a sharpie or pen to add info. I wonder if the vendor was the former owner?