Some Dollar Tree Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs From Cardsone

My local Dollar Tree got some more baseball cards in with the highlight being these Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs from Cardsone. As is everything else at the Dollar Tree, these packs are $1.00.

These are great packs because even if you get all crap you could still take advantage of their autographed card offer on the back of the packs. If you send four wrappers and $3.99 you get an autograph in the mail back. So in about four to six weeks you'll find another post detailing what I receive back from Cardsone.

So let's get to the cards. I have to admit these four packs I opened delivered on the "1 to 5 superstars per pack" guarantee they added to the pack. Especially if you happen to be a card blogger looking for content, these packs were just about perfect. Like this card for example:

1992 Pinnacle #404 Bip Roberts
And although they don't guarantee it on the wrapper, I did find a few early 80's vintage cards as well. I love Rick Cerone's fro and I imagine that his batting helmet is sitting an inch or two of hair cushion above his head.

1981 Topps #335 Rick Cerone
Like Dave Kingman, Bob Horner is one of my favorite home run/strike out kings. This is from the Topps Traded set after Horner signed with the Cardinals and missing the entire 1987 season to play in Japan.

1987 Topps Traded #50T Bob Horner

Another personal favorite and a player with a perennially misspelled first name, GRAIG, I always love when Topps has to break out the micro-stat font.

1986 Topps Traded #85T
Graig Nettles

John Mayberry, another long time great player, who at the time of his retirement held the team record for home runs in a season for the Royals and Blue Jays.  

1982 Donruss #306 John Mayberry
So let's get to some of the Super Stars I was guaranteed on the wrapper. The best being a damn Chipper Jones RC! The top cut is a little rough but I'm more than surprised to actually get my money back on these four packs in one card. 

1991 Upper Deck #55  Chipper Jones
 The Cecil and Mattingly aren't too bad either. 

1994 Topps #128 Cecil Fielder
1995 Topps Stadium Club #195 Don Mattingly
Here are four more of my  favorites in my collection. Two pudgy first baseman and two Toms.

1991 Fleer #614 Kent Hrbek
1990 Leaf #284 John Kruk
1985 Leaf #36 Tom Brunansky
2000 Upper Deck #388 Tom Gordon

These two cards were actually back-to-back in one of the packs...somebody work out the odds of that happening in a pack. 


Fuji said…
Love the Gwynn and Chipper. Gotta see if my local Dollar Tree has these laying around. I've always wanted to order from Cardsone. They have some really cool oddball issues on their site.