Original Andy Pafko Photos

I've been enjoying reading Handy Andy, the new Andy Pafko biography, and although I think I know nearly all there is to know about Pafko on cardboard I'm learning a lot about his life before and after baseball. For one, I was surprise to learn that Pafko's first team outside of Wisconsin was in Georgia when he played for the Macon Peaches in 1942. The Peaches were a part of the South Atlantic League and over the years had many famous players pass through the team including Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Al Oliver, and Dock Ellis.

Reading Handy Andy also gives me a good excuse [as if I need an excuse] to post some original Andy Pafko photographs I was sent from a reader of the blog Jason C. One has Pafko on the field during a night game and I love the lights in the background. This is now one of my favorite photos I've seen of Andy.

The other is a candid of Pafko possibly leaving the stadium after a game. To me it looks like he is holding a record and that he maybe wasn't expecting the flash of a camera. These would have been taken somewhere between 1953 and 1959 during his time with the Milwaukee Braves and my guess is that it was towards the end of his time with the Braves.

Thanks Jason for these great additions to my collection!


defgav said…
Cool. Wonder what the heck he was doing with that record. Too bad there aren't any distinguishing marks to help figure out what album it is.