Mike McCarthy Might Not Be Calling Plays Next Year

2013 Topps Allen and Ginter #278 Mike McCarthy
Following the embarrassing loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship, Mike McCarthy's play calling got a lot of the blame [Article 1, Article 2] . And it looks like there might be some repercussions from that loss as McCarthy may lose the play calling duties to Offensive Coordinator Tom Clements.

I think long term Packers fans have always had mixed feelings about McCarthy. He's benefited from having both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers as his starting quarterbacks and the question remains, could any fairly competent coach have similar results with the amazing players the Packers have drafted over his tenure?


Tony L. said…
I was pretty critical of McCarthy's play calling in the NFC Championship as well. To be fair, the offenses put up great numbers there. But, not to know that your best defensive player was dealing with an injury because you're trying to figure out which run into the middle of the line you're going to call...well, that's just poor coaching.

Perhaps it will work better for McCarthy and the offense. We'll see. He has, as you said, had two of the best QBs in NFL history there. How much of Rodgers, though, is based off McCarthy's work with him?