I Never Thought I'd Write A Ty Griffin Post But Here We Go

When I was considering a whole host of cards for my Wallet Card I thought that some of the hot prospects from the junk wax era that never quite panned out could be a good candidate. One of those players was Ty Griffin, prospect for the Cubs, and the star of one of 1989 Topps' #1 Draft Pick cards. I really loved this card as a kid, partly because of the #1 Draft Pick designation and part because of the college uniform. Yet still I never knew what exactly what happened to Griffin in his career.

1989 Topps #713 Ty Griffin

Griffin was a part of the 1988 Gold Medal winning team and was drafted #9 by the Cubs in that year. He never got passed AA ball with the Cubs and in 1991 he was traded to the Cincinnati Reds.

2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions #18 Ty Griffin
After a year in the Reds minor league system he was released, never signed on with another pro team, and in the end never made it to the majors. Yet he has quite a few cards due to his Olympic career including this autographed card put out in Panini's USA Baseball set.

2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions #TYG Ty Griffin Autograph