I Finally Found My First 2015 Topps Pack

I have been eagerly awaiting the new Topps flagship set and as luck would have it my local Walmart and Target didn't get the cards out on the street date. I've been searching around for a few days but I finally tracked down some new Topps packs. I actually didn't buy any 2014 packs so I have been looking to get back into the habit of ripping Topps new products. 

Target must have even been running a promotional sale on the new cards because I found this one market at half price! It just goes to show you can find a deal if you take and really pay attention to what you are buying.

I'm surprised Topps went with Masahiro Tanaka for their 2015 wrapper. He started off last season great but was hurt at the end of last season. I would have gone with Yasiel Puig or maybe Madison Bumgarner. Let's see how many Derek Jeter #1 cards I can pull! 

My first two cards...how hum. I had heard Topps was going for a more grey design this year but it looks like they meant a wave design at the bottom right. I like how they look like they could be die-cut but aren't. Another new feature for 2015 that I haven't heard any bloggers talk about!

A John Lackey! Now this pack is starting to turn around!

It's weird that with all the praise I've heard for 2015 that people don't complain that they brought back their Red Hot Foil parallels again...wash, rinse, and repeat.

I do love pulling cards of players that are still older than I am. It's weird that Topps put Wolf in the Marlins jersey for the 2015 cards since he's been with the Orioles and Angels since leaving the Marlins. Come on Topps, set your game up! 

Topps' crack statistics department hit the jackpot with Omar Quintanilla who they discovered was the first Met's player to have their last name start with a "Q." Way to go Topps Nerds!

Plus I sure did get a lot of rookies for a Series 1 pack. I guess that is Topps giving up a lot of potential value in their 2015 products. Who knows, these players could be the next Mike Trout! Thanks Topps for keeping an eye out for prospecting collectors. 


I would have to rate my first 2015 Topps pack as a 5.5 out of 10. Who knows, maybe my rookies will pan out to be great cards some day. I wish they had gone with the grey design I had heard so much about this season instead of trying to play it safe as they typically do. 


Scott said…
Am I missing something here? That's a 2014 Topps Update pack with Tanaka on the wrapper, not new 2015 Topps. Those are all 2014 Topps Update cards. The 2015 Topps cards have a completely different design. Hope you didn't buy that pack thinking it was the new 2015 Topps Series 1. Those do have Puig on the wrapper, box, etc.