Another Repackage, This Time From Walgreens...With Bonus MOJO!

I was surprised to find some baseball cards at my local Walgreen's. You get 100 cards for $4.99 in this repackage and I picked the one with Mickey Mantle on the front to be sure I would get at least one decent card. I actually pulled another interesting Mantle amongst my 100 cards...this one was from National Baseball Card Day in 2006 [which was June 17, 2006 for those keeping score at home].

2006 Topps National Baseball Card
Day #T2 Mickey Mantle
2009 Topps Heritage #573 Mickey Mantle

I'll be honest with you, the re-packagers made me do a double take when I came upon this card. Holy hell, what I have found here! Turns out if was a card from a small 2010 Topps set for the Yankees' 27th World Series championships. It's interesting as this isn't really a reprint of Bauer's 1952 Topps, it's a new design.

2010 Topps New York Yankees 27 World Series Titles #YC13 Hank Bauer
I've always been a fan of Alan "Should Be In The Hall of Fame" Trammell and this is one of my favorites because the logo Fleer used in the 1993 set makes it look Trammell has to field two line drives. 

1993 Fleer Ultra #204 Alan Trammell
I can't remember what the peak price of this Jesse Barfield RC was around 1988 but I'm sure I could have gotten the price of the repackage back. 

1982 Topps #203 Blue Jays Future Stars

John Kruk, another personal favorite of mine, and his beard demonstrate how great full bleed and horizontal card designs can be.

1994 Pinnacle #63 John Kruk
The box advertised 1 in 4 packs has a relic card and wouldn't you know it, I struck gold...or shall we say I struck rubber as it is a Sammy Sosa game-used base relic. It's not connected to Sosa or even Wrigley Field as the back says it was used in a game in a major league specific information. It's still a pretty neat card though.

2002 Fleer Showcase #21 Sammy Sosa Base


Twitch said…
Cool Sammy! Looks like I'm gonna need to package up something to send your way again come March.
Unknown said…
So David Wells has a brother named Boomer cool! :P

Btw, love the repack goodness that folks have been getting lately.