2014 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 2

Much like my recent return to trying to keep up with WWE story lines, I've also made an attempt to pick up a couple packs of each new Garbage Pail Kids release that appears at my local Target. My pack had some interesting subjects including parodies I wasn't expecting to find, i.e. The Walking Dead, Dr. Doom, and Ghost Rider. Here's what I pulled: 

#83b Chiseled Chad
#82b Cracked Mack
#93a Rick Grimey
#84b Foggy Augie

#92a Bomb Ed
#121a Cuckoo Kevin

#91a Door Knox
#106a Eyecicle Ira [Green Border]

#126a Trey Cycle

Garbage Pail Kids Battles #2 Flo Sing vs. God of Warren


mike said…
If you would, toss that Foggy Augie in the next trade pile. My cousin's last name is Augustine and everyone refers to him as Augie...