Updated 1991 Pro Set Desert Storm Needs List

Ripping a new box of this brought my needs list down to just one card, #176 the USS Blue Ridge. I've got a lead as to tracking down that card so I'll mark it as "awaiting arrival."

While ripping the packs on posting them on my Twitter account I realized that my set really is missing four more pieces [three cards and one sheet of paper].

1991 Pro Set Desert Storm Needs List

Last Updated: 10-8-2015

Italics = waiting arrival/pending trade

176 USS Blue Ridge

These three cards were bonus cards included in the factory sets.

251 America Supports and Celebrates
252 Homecoming
253 Schwarzkopf Addresses Congress

Paper Checklist - [an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper with a checklist and a list of organizations where contributions benefit veterans and families of Desert Storm that you could get by writing in from an offer on the card pack wrapper.]