Two More Parks And Recreation Autographs Received

I've recently added two more Parks and Recreation autographs to my collection just as the series enters it's seventh and final season. With Press Pass going out of business maybe will see some Parks and Recreation boxes hit the market at a lower price...We start with Mo Collins as Pawnee, Indiana's leading TV reporter. Mo was a cast member on  Mad TV for five seasons and has been on Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Modern Family

2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation #MC Mo Collins Autograph
Mo's character Joan Callamezzo plays a major part of the season premiere in which she gets her own star on the Pawnee Walk of Fame. Here's the title

If you aren't familiar with Parker Posey you should rush out and see Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. She was also great on Louie as Louie's girlfriend Liz for a few episodes of Season 3. I really enjoy her signature as well which I think is just "Posey."

2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation #PP Parker Posey Autograph

So now I'm up to five autographs from the set. Here are the Parks and Recreation autographs I already have:


Drew said…
Cool cards! I love Parks and Rec, and am very jealous!