Tom Lawless And The Famous Bat Throw

When I go back home to Minnesota and Wisconsin for Christmas or some other holiday it's always a chance to pick up and post some Minnesota Twins cards. This time around though I found an autographed card from an opposing player that many Twins fans will remember from the 1987 World Series.

1986 Topps #228 Tom Lawless Autograph
Although Tom Lawless didn't have a huge statistical impact on the game he will be forever remembered for the very, very slow walk up the first base line after hitting a home run in Game 4 of the World Series against the Twins. And then there was the bat toss which is so bad ass it's frequently mentioned as the best of all time.


That's a FANTASTIC gif! I can't believe I've never seen it before!!

Man, sports were fun back when players were allowed to have some attitude without everyone in the media running to their fainting couches over "respect for the game"....
Fuji said…
Happy New Year!

Lovely Lawless. 1986 Topps might be my favorite baseball set design when it comes to autographs.

I don't remember that home run, but the walk up to first and the bat flip are definitely epic. Thanks for sharing.