Sam Adam's Time Capsule

2004 Upper Deck History of the United States #TR5 Samuel Adams
Recently you may have heard of the odd story of the opening of a time capsule put in place by Sam Adams and Paul Revere. It contained mainly some coins, a newspaper, and a piece of silver explaining the capsule probably made by Paul Revere. Although it's interesting that the capsule was opened, apparently historians knew what was in side already because the capsule had been opened in 1855 when the Massachusetts Statehouse had to undergo repairs.

This Sam Adams card from the grand daddy of political card sets Upper Deck's History of the United States set from 2004. The 300 card base set also has a tone of sub insert sets and someday I hope to put it all together.


arpsmith said…
This is a great card set. I was able to pick up an full factory set. I have been trying to think of a way to integrate sharing the cards into my blog but haven't settled on how yet.