Promo Cards From Dec 2014/Jan 2015 Issue Of Non-Sport Update

Non-Sports Update is the only trading card-related magazine I buy partially because it has articles that I can't read anywhere else and partially because I typically get some promo cards along with the issue. In this month's issue readers got five cards including this RRPark Cards promo for a series of reprint cover cards for The Monster Times magazine. RRPark Cards also have an upcoming Three Stooges set called Chronicles of Three Stooges which looks interesting. 

We also got a Downton Abbey promo from Cryptozoic as well as a Garbage Pail Kids knock off, The Melty Misfits



Ryan G said…
I used to subscribe to NSU back in the day, when Inkworks still existed, and non-sport sets weren't all these high end products that focused only on the hits. Yeah, I know some of those sets still get produced, but my focus on collecting is almost exclusively baseball right now.

But that magazine was as good as, if not better than, Beckett at its prime. The articles were always worth reading and it wasn't so much about the "price guide" as it was about the other stuff. I wish Beckett would get back to stuff like that!