Opening A Kidrobot South Park Figure, Mmkay!

My post-Christmas discount search brought me to Books-A-Million in south Atlanta suburbs and I noticed some discount vinyl figures. I choose one of the South Park figures that were 50% off. 

You can pull all of the key figures but interestingly no female characters. I would love a Towelie or Professor Chaos but the odds are incredibly against pulling Butters' alter-ego.  

 It looked like all the South Park figures had been opened but thankfully Kidrobot packs the figures in another wrapper to stop the pack searchers.

My figure turned out to be South Park Elementary's guidance counselor Mr. Mackey. His figure also comes with a coffee cup. 

 The figure also comes with a nice mini sticker that I'll never stick anywhere.

I wasn't too excited to get Mr. Mackey until I noticed that along with a small coffee cup I also received one of the most beloved South Park characters ever, Mr. Hankey! Now I can recreate one of the most memorable moments from the first season of the show.


Mr. Hankey takes a swim in Mr. Mackey's coffee cup. You can watch the clip HERE.


mike said…
I'd be interesting in taking the Mr. Mackey sticker off your hands in the next trade if you prefer.
I've got a sticker wall going in my garage that this would fit nicely.
Matt Flaten said…
Sounds good Mike. I can part with it. I also have a Moe from the Simpsons sticker if you are interested.