Green Bay Packer Ice Bowl Players

The Packers have made it back to the NFC Championship Game since they won the Super Bowl in 2011. During the Cowboys game I posted a whole lot of Packer cards on my Twitter account and since Fox was trying its hardest to make this playoff games into the Ice Bowl 2, I posted many of my oldest Packer cards featuring players that played in the original Ice Bowl.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #6 Black Framed Bart Starr

Vince Lombardi doesn't have too many cards from his playing days [with a few exceptions in a Philadelphia set] so I'll share some of my favorite contemporary ones. The framed Upper Deck Masterpieces cards are so nice I'm surprised another company hasn't taken it and run with it.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #86 Black Framed Vince Lombardi

 Such a simple yet powerful card this card honored the Lombardi Trophy.

1990 Score #603 Vince Lombardi

And here are all the cards I have for players that were there for the Ice Bowl. 

1970 Topps #30 Bart Starr
1969 Topps #55 Ray Nitschke

1972 Topps #58 Ken Bowman
1971 Topps #28 Lionel Aldridge

1969 Topps #255 Herb Adderley
1967 Philadelphia #74 Herb Adderly
1971 Topps #83 Gale Gillingham
1972 Topps #231 Gale Hillingham

1969 Topps #168 Willie Wood
1964 Philadelphia #82 Willie Wood

1971 Topps #55 Willie Wood
1971 Topps Game Cards #22 Willie Wood

And last but not least we have my lone Forrest Gregg card. Gregg is sometimes described as the greatest athlete the Packers ever had and before his career was over in 1971 he had six NFL Championships and had been elected to the Pro Bowl nine times. During the Packers/Lions game in Week #17 he was honored in a half-time ceremony.

1964 Philadelphia #73 Forrest Gregg