Genius Covers: Crazy Magazine #25 May 1977

When you are out shopping for Christmas gifts at Half Price Books you have to pick up a couple things for yourself as's a rule. A couple of discounted comic magazines for a dollar an issue. The first one is an issue of Crazy Magazine from 1977 featuring Jimmy Carter as George Washington on the cover. Since moving to Georgia this past summer I visited Jimmy's home in Plains, GA [and found some cheap wax there too] and had his grandson, Jason Carter, sign his Allen and Ginter card.

For those unfamiliar, Crazy Magazine was Marvel's attempt at competing with EC Comic's Mad Magazine. It was printed from 1973 to 1983 and had a similar style to Mad including scuring politicians...

...and making fun of popular culture.

Along with the issue of Crazy I picked up two issues of the real thing, Mad.

This first one has an iconic cover by Norman Mingo printed in June 1975. It also has a great Al Jaffee fold in on the back cover...

...which turned out to be an April's fool joke.

The other issue is #190 from April 1977.

Interestingly enough, that issue has a section that includes the other issue of Mad that I bought that day.


Hackenbush said…
I still have a box of Mad's from the 70's but I don't recall ever seeing Crazy where I lived in Chicago.