Did I Get Anything Worth Mentioning? Books-A-Million Repack

At one time in my collecting career I would tend to buy a new pack of cards versus an older repack. But those days are long gone and I'd rather take my chance on a $1.99 pack of 35 cards than 12 new ones from Topps. These cards came from Books-A-Million who have an interesting collection of repacks that change fairly regularly. They are an interesting place to feed your card collecting habit that you might not have thought of.

 So did I get anything worth mentioning. The first card underneath good old Donruss Preferred Charles Johnson was a 1983 Fleer checklist for the Baltimore Orioles. I collect checklists but it has to get better from here right?

1983 Fleer #648 Baltimore Orioles Checklist
Hell yes it got better! A Gorman Thomas card from a Ted Williams Card Company with two Gormans on the front! What more could I ask for?

1994 Ted Williams #45 Gorman Thomas
You got a hint of the reverse side of this Doug Mientkiewicz card as it was sticking out on the back on the front. Even though it's a Bazooka I really enjoy this card. Here's a guide on who to pronounce Doug's 12-letter last name and you might be surprised to learn that Doug's one of only five players to have a World Series ring and a Olympic Gold Medal in baseball. He was on the Red Sox 2004 Championship team and was on the 2000 Olympics team that won the gold in Sydney.

2003 Topps Bazooka #145 Doug Mientkiewicz


Jupiterhill said…
Not too shabby. I never checked out that site, so I might give it a try. While I didn't set official goals this year, I do want to cut back on buying new packs this year.