Card Show Minis

There is this one particular seller I always look for when I hit the local Atlanta card shows. She's an older lady which definitely doesn't fit the typical demographic of the sellers at my local shows. I look for her because she's got boxes of jersey/autos at $1, $2, and $3 levels and the discounts get bigger the more you buy. Plus everything is always nice and organized. Sometimes she's there, sometimes she isn't, but one thing you can be sure is that when she's there she's complaining to the person sitting next to her about how slow the show is today and how the card business is dying. [Press Pass anyone?] Anyway, this past weekend she brought along a dime box that I hadn't seen before and low and behold it was full of minis.

Here's a selection of the backs of some of them.

I came away with about a dozen more but there are some of my favorites. We've got a battle of beards between Karl Marx and Walt Whitman and these are my first minis from the Panini Golden Age set. These are from the 2012 and 2014 sets.

Anyone not sure who Harold Lloyd is should watch this immediately.


Tony L. said…
Sounds like Brenda to me!