Card Against Humanity Gift Envelopes

This winter everyone's favorite obscene card game, Cards Against Humanity, announced that if you sent them $15 they would send  ten gifts to you over the holiday season. They called this event "Ten Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever" and I quickly signed up being a huge fan of the card game.

And sure enough envelopes started arriving on a fairly regular basis. Some contained packs of cards to be used in the game that had been personalized. I can't wait to see how the card with my name will end up being used.

Beyond the assorted gifts subscribers received, they came in some amazingly designed envelopes that tell a story involving the death of Santa Claus, the rise of Lizard people, and the world's children getting nothing for Christmas. God only knows what my mail lady thought when she was putting these in my mailbox.

Here are scans of all the envelopes in what I think is the correctly order...some of these arrived simultaneously so I'm not 100% percent sure.


Anonymous said…

...although I'd almost hate to think of how personalized cards could be used in this game...