Twin Duos

I love the "duo cards" from the 1950's and 1960's Topps sets and I try to make it a habit if I come upon one in my searching through dime boxes to set it aside. In my "recent Twins" pile at my desk I noticed that I had a few duo cards that I had accumulated through trades and random pickups. 

I really love this card not only because of the powder blue Twins jerseys but that these two guys are some of the best players ever from the Twin Cities. Winfield was born in St. Paul in 1951 and Hrbek was born in Minneapolis in 1960.  

1983 Fleer #633 Mr. Vet and Mr. Rookie Dave Winfield and Kent Hrbek
From everything I've ever read Hrbek and Kirby Puckett seemed to great friends and after Kirby died in 2006 Kent gave some heartfelt quotes to the media.

1993 Upper Deck #50 Teammates Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett

I totally missed the fact that Lew Ford returned to the majors in 2012 for the Orioles after parting ways with the Twins in 2007. The 2007 season would prove to be White's last season in the majors as well.

2006 Topps #647 Twin Fundamentals Lew Ford and Rondell White
Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer, the Twin Terrors on the Twins budget! Morneau's now winning batting titles with the Rockies and Mauer is going to be paid $23 million dollars a season through the 2018 season. I think he might end up getting traded just like Morneau was in 2013.

2011 Topps Heritage #351 Twin Terrors Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer