Packer Favorite Barty Smith Autograph

For a long time in my collecting career I looked at "Through-The-Mail"/"In Person" autographs with disdain and instead favored "Certified" autographs put out by the major card companies. But as I've matured as a collector I've come to appreciate that some of the players that intrigue me most are never going to have a "Certified" autograph from Topps or Panini. Barty Smith is such a player. He was was the leader of the Packers running attack on those mid-to-late 70's teams when the Pack struggled to get to .500.

That blue signature is almost neon blue.

1978 Topps #349 Barty Smith Autograph 


Dan said…
That's a great looking card/signature. As an autograph collector, I've never cared for certified autographs. Any that I've pulled from packs were immediately sold. I'm much more interested in getting autographs in person.
Commishbob said…
Signed or not that's a great football card. I've picked up 'certified' type autographs but the few that I have gotten in person mean the most to me.