My New Richard Kiel Autograph

The announcement of the new James Bond movie "Spectre" has me even more excited than the new Star Wars trailer. I had been hoping that the Daniel Craig series of Bond films would eventually lead to Spectre and the super villain Ernst Blofeld but with all the copyright problems with the character it wasn't clear if that would ever be able to happen.

Now that we seem to have Blofeld taken care of, now we just need to find an updated version of Jaws! Since Richard Kiel's passing in September I've been looking for a copy of Kiel's autograph from the Topps 75th set from last year and I finally pulled the trigger on an eBay auction a couple of weeks ago. 

The reverse side reminds us that Topps put out a Moonraker set in 1979 which has some pretty remarkable cards, like a parachuting Jaws, Jaw biting through a steel cable, or James Bond undercover! I even opened a pack way back in 2008 which was one of the first pack rippings I posted on my blog.