Did I Get Anything Worth Mentioning? 1993 Topps Football Edition

Packs with four different increasingly lower price tags? Now that's what I'm talking about! These packs look to have begun life at an Eckerd Pharmacy and then were marked down three more times. They even survived seven years past the Eckerd Pharmacy brand itself which was bought out by Rite Aid in 2007. I picked these three out of a quarter a pack box at an Atlanta card show a few weeks ago and let's see if I got anything worth mentioning.

I pulled one Packer from the group but what a Packer he was going to be. Terrell was the Packers 1st round pick in 1992 and during his first season he became the youngest player in NFL history to return a punt for a touchdown. Like I've said, before everybody's got a record

#384 Terrell Buckley

While I have been collecting baseball players from around my hometown Eau Claire, WI like Andy Pafko and Jordan Zimmermann I have overlooked some local NFL players. Tim Krumrie was born in Eau Claire and played high school football in the small town of Mondovi. I remember it was such a big deal around town when Krumrie made it to the Super Bowl with the Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII and I really need to get my Krumrie Needs List together. 

#358 Tim Krumrie

It's always cool to pull a Joe Montana card from a pack. It must have been fun to be a Chiefs fan during those two seasons he led the team. 

#340 Joe Montana

One of my gold cards turned out to be Chuck Cecil who had played with the Packers in the previous four seasons from 1988-1992. So this card gets included with my other Cecil Packer cards even though he's a Cardinal on the card. The rules are the rules. 

#506 Chuck Cecil Gold


Jeff said…
Bill Schroeder (WR 1997-2004) and Jerry Wunsch (T 1997-2004) were born in Eau Claire as well. And Schroeder spent some time with the Packers also. Unfortunately it appears Wunsch has no cards to collect.
Tony L. said…
Good old Terrell Buckley -- called "The Toast of the Town" because literally every single WR in the NFL he played against toasted him. :-)