I'm Happy To Introduce You To The Trading Card Preservation Society

A couple of weeks ago both Dave the Cardboard Junkie and I put out posts asking for questions on card and pop culture. The experiment we were working on was a trading card and pop culture podcast. And so without any further delay I'm happy to introduce you to The Trading Card Preservation Society. As I said, it is going to be a bi-weekly [that's once every two weeks...but possibly more often] trading card related podcast hosted by myself and Dave. Our premiere episode is available now for download and we are working towards getting it streamed through iTunes and Stitcher in the near future.

Our initial recording session went nearly three hours so we've split the first episode into a couple of parts and so this is Episode #1 Part 1. You can find a direct MP3 download HERE. Part 2 should arrive a week from now. We hope you enjoy it. Colligere Omnia!