Free The Finest: Mike Piazza Edition

I've been "Freeing the Finest" for many years now but it's been quite a while since I got back in the habit of ripping off some baseball card plastic. This 1996 Topps Finest Mike Piazza was just screaming to be freed. 

1996 Topps Finest #275 Mike Piazza
I attempted to free Mike one-handed while recording it with my camera and it didn't work out too well. Here's the result:

Nonetheless, I finally succeeded. Here's the result:

1996 Topps Finest #275 Mike Piazza


JediJeff said…
I own zero Finest that are not freed. Screw the film!
Tony L. said…
I'm with you and Jeff -- rip the film. It's like a flaw in the card to me!