Episode #2 Of The Trading Card Preservation Society Podcast Is Available

The newest episode of The Trading Card Preservation Society is available now. In this 2+ hour episode you get to hear Dave the Cardboard Junkie and I talk about  the return of Barry Bonds to baseball cards, the very old stickers of 2014 Topps Supreme, and the problems of buying cards site unseen. In pop-culture we have Marvel’s Phase 3 films, Garbage Pail Kids, and Doctor Who cards. And as always the release calendar and your Q and A.

 Keep your ears peeled at the two hour, two minute mark in which Dave, the biggest Braves fan I know, predicts that Jayson Heyward will be traded to the Cardinals. 


Mark Zentkovich said…
love the new podcast...I like the two different collector perspectives..and no card companies talking about their own products..

keep up the good work