Check Out This Uncut "Sheet" Of 1963 Topps

Today I got to go to a vintage card show put on by Sports Memories out of Norman, OK. This is a traveling show put on by Roger Neufeldt who is famous for his gigantic collection of amazing cards. Most of his cards are for "older men with money" which I hope to be some day and so I basically stuck to the boxes with discounted cards. I'll post most of those a little later but I did want to show the coolest thing there which was an uncut "sheet" of 1963 Post. This can be yours for $100 but really the question it raises is how has Topps not teamed up with someone to bring these back?

If you happen to be in the Atlanta area you can still catch the card show on Sunday. You can find it at the Courtyard by Marriott at 2455 Delk Road SE in Marietta, GA 30067 from 10am-5pm and bring a lot of cash! 


Duane said…
dang that is a level of coolness that is seldom seen....nice find!!! I love me those Post cards.
Commishbob said…
Oh that's a fantastic item! I'd have been very tempted to spring for that had I come across it. VERY tempted. Which is why I try to bring little cash and no credit cards to shows.
AdamE said…
An uncut Virdon sheet, and you didn't buy it for me?