Random Royals #8: Starting Lineup Bo Jackson Cards

**From now until the Royals eventual World Series Championship comes to fruition I'll be posting Random Royals from my collection.** 

With the impressive victory in Game 2 last night it was time to break out some rarer Royals card. Way back in 2009, Play at the Plate sent me a Starting Lineup Bo Jackson figure for a Secret Santa exchange and I kept it in its original packaging for a little bit but eventually broke down and freed Bo from his plastic prison. Along with the figure came two Starting Lineup cards, one from the year the toy was made [1989] and one from Bo's Rookie Year in 1987. Highlights for me are Bo's signature on the reverse of the black bordered card and the small novel that's written on the back of his "rookie" card.


Fuji said…
Bo Jackson is cool. SLU cards are cooler. But Bo Jackson SLU cards are the coolest!