Random Royals #14: If Anyone Can Save Us It's Hal McRae's Sideburns

**From now until the Royals eventual World Series Championship comes to fruition I'll be posting Random Royals from my collection.** 

Well, shit, it might all end tonight and I've still got too many Royals cards to post! If anything can save us tonight it's Hal McRae's sideburns. This isn't the best McRae sideburn card [that would go to 1976 Topps] but still those sideburns have the power to turn the World Series around and get us a Game 7!

1974 Topps #563 Hal McRae


Tony L. said…
In fairness, if the Royals don't win tonight, you could just keep posting Royals cards in perpetuity until they *do* win a World Series.