Random Royals #1: Eric Hosmer Relic

**From now until the Royals eventual World Series Championship comes to fruition I'll be posting Random Royals from my collection.** 

I wonder when they look back at the exact turning point that the Royals started their transformation from a hapless organization to the dominant teams of the latter half of the 2010's I wonder if it won't be when they called up Eric Hosmer in 2011. He's been a very stable Gold Glove winning 1st baseman for them and he's one World Series MVP award away from being an all-time Royals legend. 

2014 Donruss Eric Hosmer Jersey Relic


Josh D. said…

The turning point was when Sung Woo came to visit KC. Everything before that pointed to "hapless."
Jupiterhill said…
I was at a game a week before Sung Woo, I'd like to think it was me that sparked them.

I think the turning point from the organization's standpoint was when they traded for Shields and Davis.

From a fan's standpoint, I think it might have been the hot streak right after the All-Star break (which coincided with Woo's visit).

It wasn't a matter of did we have the pieces, it was can all the pieces work together good enough to be contenders.

Nice card by the way, I might have to search for one.