Greg Jenning The Viking and James Jones The Raider

During last night's Packers vs. Vikings game it was the 3rd quarter before I remember anyone mentioning Greg Jennings being a Viking. The former Packer great continues to struggle without having Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers throwing him the football. That, in turn, reminded me of another Packer Captain that ditched Green Bay for Oakland, James Jones. 

2009 Topps Magic #240 James Jones Autograph

Turns out Jones' yards per game are actually up compared to his time in Green Bay. He's averaging 68 yards a game for the Raider up from 42 a game with the Packers...but I think we can all agree that another 14 touchdown season isn't going to happen anytime soon.  


Fuji said…
It didn't surprise me that Jones landed back in the Bay Area, since he went to high school here in San Jose. But I was totally bummed. It's always nice seeing an SJSU Spartan play for one of my favorite teams. Go Pack Go!