Genius Covers: The Covers From My Card Show Haul

During last weekend's card show I came upon one seller who had a bunch of Walking Dead figures and big box of assorted comics he had recently picked up from another seller. They were 50 cents each but the longer I stood there looking and pulling things out the price was down to 3/$1.00. When we are talking 33.33333 cents a comic you can definitely judge a book by it's cover and so here's what I picked up. 

Season 2 of Nick Offerman's best show, Axe Cop, is due sometime in the near future...It's not clear if Fox even knows...and if you haven't seen Season 1 yet the cover of this issue will give you an idea of how bonkers it is. Yes, that's Axe Cop on King Kong's shoulder. 

Axe Cop #2 August 2012
I enjoy Kevin Smith's comic work but this one wins my money because of the Alex Ross painted cover.

The Bionic Man #6, 2012
A Poison Ivy story but interestingly the front cover scene never actually happens in the comic.

Detective Comics #694, February 1996
Shhhhhh....Along with the great cover parts of this issue were drawn by Ron Frenz who's known for his work on Amazing Spider-man, including the art for the classic issue "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man."

Ms. Marvel #25, May 2008
What an amazing acetate cover to a series that lasted 26 issues.
Ninjak #1, February 1994
Here's the full cover with the front and back combined.

You might not have known it but Frank Miller wrote the original screenplay to RoboCop III that was eventually abandoned for the disaster that that movie became. RoboCop: Last Stand is an adaptation of that screenplay in four parts.

Robo Cop: Last Stand #2, September 2013
I choose this one for Mr. Hellboy Mike Mignola's awesome cover.

The Machine Week #2, August 1993
If you are looking for a weird "historical fiction" series set during World War II I cannot recommend The Manhattan Projects more.

The Manhattan Projects #6, September 2012
The Marvels Project is sort of a continuation of the all-time great Marvels series which put Alex Ross on the map.

The Marvels Project #1, October 2009
I swear every time I look at this I think it is an issue of  Dr. Strange featuring Thanos and Storm from the X-Men. It's not.  

The Strangers #7, December 1993
DC re-printed The Watchmen for the movie release and this is the first issue.

Watchmen #1 Reprint, 2009 Second Printing
The comic Jim Lee left Marvel to start was WILDC.A.T.S...50 issues and six years later DC bought the WILDC.A.T.S rights and Lee's WildStorm Productions. The circle of life continues.

WILDC.A.T.S. #2, September 1992
Onslaught is the physical form of the worst parts of the psyche's of Magneto and Professor X and Onslaught Reborn is a 10th Anniversary series of the character's creation. The art was done by one of my favorites, Rob Liefeld. 

Onslaught Reborn #3 Variant Edition, March 2007
90% of Liefeld's work is awesome but at least a few panels in each issue he draws has really messed up perspective. Issue #3 delivered with this great panel with Hulk battling Captain American while it looks like he really really has to pee.


defgav said…
Sweet comics. I remember having that Wild CATs back in the day.. all neat and holographic-y.