Amazing Wes Anderson Reproductions

As a huge, absolutely gigantic fan of Wes Anderson's movies I was ecstatic to hear that a Wes Anderson tribute album was soon to be released by American Laundromat Records.  Along with an album of cover versions of songs featured in Anderson's movies there are a bunch of bonus items that are real life productions of things found in Anderson's movies. I bought a whole assortment of these and they are just about perfect. 

We start with a Khaki Scouts patch from Moonrise Kingdom. I collect non-baseball patches myself and so this is probably my favorite out of all the items.  

 Next we have a sticker inspired from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. We can all be Master Frogmen now!

My favorite Anderson movie is Rushmore and I can certainly identify with Max Fischer during my high school days. Well now I even have my own Max Fischer business card!

One thing I have to do this winter is get back in the habit of wearing some of my pins on my pea coat... but having recently moved to Georgia probably means that I'll need my heavy winter coat just a handful of days. 

I'll definitely have to work this Zissou pin into my rotation. 

The tribute album itself is available on CD now and on vinyl in 2015. 


I wish there were more Darjeeling Limited stuff. It's my favorite followed very closely by Rushmore
Kevin Papoy said…
Moonrise Kingdom and Steve Zissou rule ! Great stuff