The Andy Pafko Book Kickstarter Gets Funded!

I'm happy to write that the Andy Pafko Kickstarter has been fully funded. Thank you to everyone that helped make sure that that book becomes a reality. If you haven't already donated you still have time as the campaign ends in about 11 days. The author, Joe Niese, has been posting some rare Pafko photos along along with updates on the campaign page and it has been great to see some new Pafko related things that I'm not familiar with.

And that's mainly what I look for when I'm searching for "new" Pafko stuff on eBay...things I've never seen before which might be functionally a unique 1 of 1 or at least pretty rare. For example someone went to a Boston card/autograph show in 1993 and had Andy Pafko sign the program.

The program I received also has a page for Braves legend Sibby Sisti but for whatever reason Sisti never signed, just Pafko.