Opening A Box Of 1986 Topps Baseball Tattoos

While I was down in Plains, GA [a.k.a. home of Jimmy Carter] in one of the gift shops they had several racks of junk wax. Alert to you hipsters out there you might also notice that on the bottom row on the left they are also selling new cassette tapes.

The one box that enticed me was a product I had never opened before, 1986 Topps Baseball Tattoos. 

Each pack comes with a stick of gunm and a sheet of 18 temporary tattoos featuring portraits of stars as well as drawings showing generic players in action poses. 

Along with the tattoos you get some instructions on how to use them on each pack as well. 

In total for the set you have 24 sheets of 18 players/action shots so you have 432 tattoos available. In my box I ended up a few sheets short of a complete set with some sheets being duplicated as many as five times. 

Of course for the tattoos to look correct on your arm, leg, or face are mirror images on the card themselves. It gives you a unique card if you never use the tattoo. 

Here's what the non-player-specific tattoos look like. 

Here are a few of my favorite tattoos from my box.

Leon Durham and Mike Davis rocking the giant framed 80's glasses.

A couple of Brewers with great bushy hair. 

And my favorite tattoo is of a very young looking Kirby just to find some clear arm space...


Tony L. said…
Topps tattoos would be worth a trip to Plains!
Kevin Papoy said…
I like the idea of 'a stick of gun' ;)
the logical evolution after tobacco I suppose
Fuji said…
Last year, I came across one of these tattoos and had to have more, so I bought a box off of eBay. Great stuff. Loved how colorful they are.