Late Night Post Dump: A Rich Evans Gif

Being originally from Wisconsin I'm contractually obligated to love Milwaukee's RedLetterMedia. Their "Best of the Worst" episodes are the best bad movie series since Mystery Science Theater yet they find a way to tread the same ground as MST3K yet do it differently.

Their latest video is probably going to end up being my favorite from the series. "Wheel of the Worst #6" find the group again picking between shorter oddball videos sent into them by fans. The discussion breaks down into hysterics and it's clear which video will be destroyed.  

At the end of each "Wheel of the Worst" they destroy the copy of the video that has been determined as the worst video. This episode provides us a French cinema destruction homage but more importantly it gives us an opportunity to create a legendary Rich Evans "f**ck off" gif for everyone to enjoy.


Fuji said…
Hmmm... I'm thinking that someone should do this with sports card packs. I'd watch it.