Antonio Freeman and Dorsey Levens Pre-Packers Autographs

I get to watch the Packers game live this week for the first time this season and so I thought I'd share a few of my Packers autographs for players before they joined the Green and Gold. Both cards come from the long defunct Signature Rookies card company and 

First we have Antonio Freeman during his days with Virginia Tech. Freeman was Brett Favre's main target after Sterling Sharpe retired suddenly after the 1994 season.  

1995 Signature Rookies #31 Antonio Freeman Autograph #690/7750

He also has one of the greatest catches in NFL history...remember when Dennis Miller was on Monday Night Football?  I didn't either.

The second autograph is by Dorsey Levens from his days at Georgia Tech after leaving Notre Dame. Dorsey, along with Edgar Bennett, were the rushing attack for the Pack for their Super Bowl XXXI run.

1994 Signature Rookies #22 Dorsey Levens Autograph #554/7750