What Did I Pull From My Bricks Of Cards?

These vacuum sealed bricks of mostly vintage cards were my last card purchase from when I was in Kansas. As you can see these were a dollar each and you got about 75-100 cards give or take. Generally you can find a few different sets in each brick.

I chose a couple of them based on the cards that were on the reverse. 

Those two cards would be a Jamie Moyer rookie from 1986 Topps and a mid-sized Oscar Gamble afro tucked under a Yankees cap.

1987 Topps #227 Jamie Moyer
1981 Topps #139 Oscar Gamble

Beyond that I pulled four other cards that were worth mentioning. First we have a Rusty Kuntz card looking like a fresh-faced 40-year-old White Sox Future Star.

1981 Topps #112 Rusty Kuntz
Back on in July when I was home in Minnesota I went to a Twins/Royals game and got to see Rusty serving as the Royals first base coach. Here's a shot I took with Joe Mauer waiting on the pitch. 

I would have been happy with just one Gorman Thomas card so finding two made my day.  

1980 Topps #623 Gorman Thomas
1981 Topps #135 Gorman Thomas

Manager cards are some of the most under utilized cards in the typical card set and 1980 Topps set really wasted some opportunities. For example, we have Sparky Anderson's first card as Tiger's manager and we are given an out of focus 1/8 of an inch by 1/8 of an inch photo in the corner of the card. It could have been so much better. 

1980 Topps #626  Sparky Anderson


Tony L. said…
For a buck each, that's a good haul!
Fuji said…
Bricks of 80's goodness for a buck? Nice job.
Unknown said…
Just went to the Twins/Royals game on Friday. My wife just about spit her beer in my face when I told her who was manning the bag for KC. lol