The Wonderful Feeling Of Finding A Card Shop 10 Minutes From Your House

I recently moved down south to the Atlanta and so I'm now treading on the turf of the great Cardboard Junkie and I'm afraid my future posts of my cardboard finds will turn into "Hey Junkie, look what you missed out on!" That might have been the case earlier this week as I tracked down my first local LCS called The Book End which is about 10 minutes from my place.

The store was a little disorganized when I visited as they were re-locating from another spot in the same strip mall. They've got a lot more comics than cards but they do have some Ultra Pro stuff that I'm sure I will need. Plus, seeing this sign hanging over the card boxes showed me this was going to be my kind of store!

I asked how much those Mars Attacks! cards under the sign were and the owner said he would part with them for $1.00. I said, "hell, I'll take them all!" There were eight packs there which would give me about a 1:3 chance of pulling a 1:1 sketch card.

After the ripping, I didn't find a sketch card...just two green bordered inserts that I needed. The owner said that The Book End has a card show each month on the fourth Sunday of the month [which this month would be Sunday, August 24th] and so I'll certainly be back soon.


Tony L. said…
Welcome to the ATL! I'm in the area as well (north of town) and there are smaller shows around this part of town three weekends a month.

Perhaps I'll see you at one.
Matt Flaten said…
Cool Tony, thanks for letting me know.
Tony L. said…
And in better news, I can help you with a ton of those 1972 minis fron last year's Topps. Shoot me an email so I can send you them. I'm at off dot hiatus dot baseball at gmail.
--David said…
That is awesome! The only way I'll get an LCS near me is if I open one... That sign is funny! Why is "Searching" the only word not in ALL-CAPS? And, how about "on the pack?" Do not feel the pack, sure. But, "on" the pack? There is a story there.